TV episodes with numbers in titles

I’m finding that any TV episode I have in my share that has a number in the title of the episode gets pulled out of TV shows entirely and categorized in the “Other” section. 

For example, I have my West Wing episodes categorized as: 

The West Wing/Season 03/03x10 - H.Con-172.avi

That specific episode doesn’t show up with the other West Wing episodes. Neither does the following episode, “100,000 Airplanes”

Any idea on how to fix this?



Have you tried reloading metadata for these files?

I have the same problem with a tv show called 19-2. The folder that holds the episodes of that show is properly named, so are the files… They match what is currently on… However the show is not picked up and ends up in other… Reloading the metadata will not work… Need some help here… Thanks