TV episode selection and thumbnails


My disabled son has just been given an iPad which is replacing his Android device which is using Kodi. Firecore is the first media player I’ve found to handle DLNA/uPnP and SMB shares and has thumbnails which are important to my son.

The Movie thumbnails work well and I can see him using them OK, but I am struggling with the TV ones and wondering if it is me. On the SMB share I have the folder structure:TV Shows - Peppa Pig - Season 1 - - Season 2 - - etc - Transformers - Season 1 - Season 2 - etc - etcThe shows are in the format “Peppa Pig - s01e01 - show name.whatever” This naming format picks up thumbnails correctly.

If I select Peppa Pig, I get a scrolling set of thumbnails at the bottom of the display for all the seasons which is easy to navigate. If I tap on a season, all I can see is small buttons 1 - 7 which are scrollable through all the episodes and you need to tap on each one, one by one, to see its thumbnail. Is there any way of getting a scrolling view of the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen like you can to scroll through the seasons or through films? It would make it much easier for my son to choose which to watch?


Thanks for the feedback. This is something we’re looking into adding for a future version, but for now you may try using list view to see if this provides a better experience.

List view will show episode file separately.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve had a look at the list view but for my son it needs to be in pictures.

While looking at the modes I noticed some issues. I have all Power Rangers TV series but when I browse through them in non-list (picture?) mode, I see the Thumbnails for four series (not the first four, but 4 from 19) of which one is blank, then I see all the individual episodes starting at series 1. This is odd as I’d have expected to see all the thumbnails of all the complete series, in order, and not interspersed with individual episodes. Also many of the episodes showed the same thumbnail which was a section of the opening or closing credits and totally meaningless. It would be nice if the thumbnails could be derived from rather than a frame plucked from the file.

Infuse will only revert to using generated images when it’s unable to locate matching info at TMDb or TheTVDb (depending on content type). This will also happen the Metadata Fetching setting is disabled.

Are all your shows being named in the same way? Can you provide an example filename (or two)?

A list of the supported naming styles can be found here.

It may be that I don’t match the exact spec for TV show naming. For Power Ranvers I have:

[code]TV Shows

Power Rangers
01 - Mighty Morphin
MMPR - s01e01 - Day of the Dumpster.avi
MMPR - s01e02 - High Five.avi
04 - Zeo
PRZ - s04e01 - A Zeo Beginning (1).avi
PRZ - s04e02 - A Zeo Beginning (2).avi
PRZ - s04e03 - The Shooting Star.avi
etc[/code]I don’t use the full title before the series and episode data as it makes the file name too long for my TV, but it works (or appears to) with Plex (web) and XBMC/Kodi.

For Pingu I have:
TV Shows
→ Pingu
----> Pingu Season 1
------> S01E01 Pingu is Introduced.avi
------> S01E02 Pingu Helps With Incubating.avi
------> etc
----> Pingu Season 2
------> S02E01 Pingu at the Doctors.avi
------> etc
----> etc

How do you get “code” tags to work on this board? In my post everything is nicely indented but it is not showing when I save or preview.