TV Episode ordering/metadata

Is there any way to specify the metadata info per episode for a TV series for the episode ordering? I’ve run into where the metadata that’s pulled for the show doesn’t match my ordering.

A good example of this is Firefly. I have all of my files numbered and named in the order they appear on the DVD since it was their intended viewing order (the show makes more sense this way too ;). The metadata that’s loaded is ordered in the the episodes aired which was messed up thanks to the idiots that run Fox. So right now when I look at it in Infuse the first episode is labeled as “The Train Job” when really it’s the episode “Serenity”.

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Unfortunately there’s not a way to switch to DVD order (at least for right now) and Infuse will use whatever default order is set at

OK, thanks. I’ll add that as a feature request then. Some things you just have to watch in the right order :wink:

Agreed - though to be honest, it’s a pretty edge case issue as Firefly is the only series I’ve heard of that has different ordering.

It get’s even better; The Transporter TV show.

It has 5 (!) different orders of broadcasting.

  • Canadian/Netherlands (also picked up at Netflix and other streaming services)
  • French
  • German
  • U.S.
  • UK

As it seems, the Canadian/Dutch order is the only correct order based on the content of the episodes, some minor details.
So it can be really weird sometimes.