TV does not match HDR content range

All works fine for dolby vision content. The TV (sony) automatically switches to dolby vision profile to match content. However, for HDR10 content, TV does not increase brightness as it should. I have to manually set brightness to max level. As a comparison, I tried Kodi on the tv (it is an android tv), the brightness indeed increases to match. So apple tv outputs faulty video content?

apple tv setting:
format: 4k sdr
hdmi output: ycbcr
chroma: 4:4:4
match content: range on

hdmi connection is normal.
for TV, hdmi signal format is enhanced format.

Any one has similar issue?

update: change hdmi port then works as expected. This thread can be locked. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for letting us know! :+1: