TV Artwork and Metadata Issues

I have a lot of Asian TV shows info and artwork I need that are non-existent in TMDB, so I used tinyMediaManager. It provided me with posters, banners, fanart and info but Infuse player will not incorporate it into its interface. I tried to rename the files several times but nothing is sticking. I am so frustrated.

Try using the series name “IRIBITO –Stranger– (2021)” TMDB has this and the artwork. Use this naming and file structure. I just tested it and it works great.

Here’s the TMDB page.

So i must always look for how it is exactly written in TMDB and change it. But what if i can’t find it there but tinyMediaManager has it or i like tinyMediaManager better, why doesn’t infuse player incorporate them.

Are you trying to do an edit metadata on these and looking in TMDB for the show? I found all of the shows you had in the pic above (before you deleted the post) and they are all there in TMDB.

Often, if you don’t follow the file structure and naming convictions you will have problems with substituting artwork. Also currently Infuse doesn’t nfo for TV shows but you can add your support here.

If you’d like help finding the shows on TMDB and the correct names to use feel free to repost the pic you deleted and we can go through it to get the right show from TMDB.

Often the names are in the TMDB “Alternative Titles” that will also match when your files are named that way.

You can substitute most artwork as long as you follow the guidelines in the users guide and use the correct type of connection (not DLNA or UPnP per the guide). The file structure needs to be as specified also.

Get Jellyfin on your Mac to manage your library. You can also try setting it up to use TheTVDB for show metadata and season artwork, and Fanart for the main show cover. (Note: TheTVDB and TMDB might provide you with series covers from late seasons, potentially spoiling the show. Fanart is usually a better option to avoid this).

Additionally, TheTVDB allows you to select between DVD order or aired order in case you encounter chapter names that don’t match the files. Also, in Jellyfin, you can easily replace backgrounds and logos to ensure they complement each other well in Infuse.