TV App - Library integration

Is a tv app integration is on the road ?
It will be great !

Apple hasn’t opened the TV app up to general apps yet, but if/when they do it’s something we’ll definitely be looking at.

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thanks for taking the time to respond, James.

Shouldn’t we start something similar to levy en masse for 24 fps? ?

If Apple ever decides to publicly release there api’s I agree that this would be an awesome feature. Or at the very least, for Siri & tvOS to be able to index your Infuse files so that you can search for your Infuse media from the ATV’s main menu.

I can’t deny, this would be huge! One hint that Apple maybe gives access to this feature is the actual possibility for users to select apps, which will be included by the tv app.
@James the “Up Next” feature mentioned in your 5.6.4 Post is not part of this, is it? Because there you have also a kind of Up Next feature integrated.

Well TV App is showing the ESPN app, so why not Infuse now?

I believe all integrations with the TV app are based on deals struck with Apple. That’s not to say that Apple wouldn’t strike a deal with Firecore, but that’s what would have to happen to get Infuse into the TV App (unless they open the TV App up).


Based on the typical attitude Apple holds towards any competition, I believe it is doubtful that Apple would ever willingly choose to support Infuse on its TV App. Think about it… Apple chooses to allow users to combine their iTunes Library with subscription-based streaming services in order to direct more traffic towards their iTunes content for sale/rent. But an Infuse Media Library is literally the opposite of what Apple wants - a local collection of movies & videos that were NOT purchased from them. They would have nothing to gain, but so much to lose.

Don’t get me wrong, I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT if Apple offered up the TV App’s API, but I’ve come to understand that it is probably not likely to happen. Let’s hope I am proven wrong though…

Let’s just wait and see what apple’s plans are for the near future.