TV and Movie metadata bugs/suggestions

Media player is getting better and better. I am almost ready to use it instead XBMC, which is overly complicated and really flaky on iOS 4.4.4 and Eden 3 beta. Movie metadata in Media Player seems pretty solid now. (There are the occasional issues, for example “Being There (1979)” being identified as “Alien (1979)” with no Being There (1979) option when you search for metadata manually?).

Movie metadata suggestions:

  1. Fanart support in list view.


However, TV Metdata support still seems quite primitive.

TV metadata suggestions:

  1. Media Player should identify the various seasons based on file syntax. i.e. S01E01 vs S02E01 and split the seasons automatically (even if they are in the same folder) and show each seasons episode posters automatically.

  2. Media player should recognize combined episodes in a single file i.e. Firefly_S01E01E02.avi. This often happens with pilots or first season runs.

  3. Media player should handle date syntax file names for TV shows that are daily like the Daily Show and Colbert report. i.e. The.Colbert.Report.2012.02.02.Christiane.Amanpour.avi - At the moment every episode of 2012 is identified as Season 12 Episode 2.


Finally, support to store metadata discovered by Media Player locally would be great.