TV and Movie Artwork Problems

Hi All,
A few things I’ve just noticed so it could be me :grinning:
Movie and TV artwork on my ATV and iPad are different. I have icloud and Trakt on and after the last update 6.4.3 I reset the cache, also over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that some Movie and TV artwork has changed to what was previously there on my ATV but not the iPad.
I presume its not possible to change the artwork on single movies without putting them into a file etc?


Artwork can vary between devices as what is shown will depend on when it was fetched from TMDb/TheTVDB. This is especially true as of late since TMDb has been doing a fair amount of housekeeping.

We’re working to have an option of syncing artwork to iCloud, and once this rolls out Infuse will sync images to iCloud so all devices will always have the same artwork.

thanks for that james, but earlier today I emptied the cache on both devices and they both came back with different posters as before, I’m confused because if they both point to the same site for metadata how can it be different?
Roll on the update!


Do you happen to have the Embedded Metadata option enabled on either device?

Its off on both devices

Are both devices set to use the same system language?

Have you changed the language preferences in Infuse > Settings?

Are both image versions present on

Yes both using same language and I’ve never changed language prefs.
Yes both images are on TMDB.