Turn off subtitles using voice command on Siri remote

Usually (Netflix, etc) I can turn off subtitles by holding the Siri button and saying “turn off subtitles” or temporarily activate subtitles by saying “what did they just say?”

But this doesn’t work with Infuse?

As somebody with poor hearing I often toggle subtitles and to have to do it through a multi-level menu requiring multiple inputs is cumbersome and annoying.

Any help appreciated.


+1 for more siri controls

+1 for Siri Controls

Ability to ask Siri to select Audio track, select Subtitles, ask “What did he say?” like in other apps to skip 15 seconds back and turn on subtitles and turn them off after said 15 seconds.

Also, would be great if we get a list of actors in every movie in a horizontal list of circular pictures like in Plex and iTunes Store.

@NC_Bullseye can you move to suggestions category? Would still like to be able to “What did he just say?”. I would use this all the time.

Thanks for the catch, and done. Added a +1 for me too since old ears could always use a helping hand. :wink: