Turn off metadata fetching for certain folders

Is there a way to turn off metadata fetching for certain folders? I have many home videos and other shows that are not in the database that infuse is using and they are either mismatched or they don’t use the imbedded info.


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Unfortunately not. I think this feature is planned for future updates.

And why have mixed home video in addition to movies and TV shows? Set up a separate folder for movies. Do not let Infuse scan the entire HDD.

They are organized by folder however infuse only has a setting to scan all or none of the HDD contents so separating into folders doesn’t matter anyway.

It is not true. My structure:
NAS / 1/2/3/4 / Movies
NAS / 1/2/3/4 / TV Shows
NAS / 1/2/3 / Home Video
NAS / 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 / Home Video
You can add to the Favorites folder is always last. Of course each one separately
In each such component will put a “folder.jpg”

+1 for being able to turn off metadata fetching for certain folders.

This will be added in a future update - possibly 4.1.

Thanks James, thats great news. Keep up the good work!

Any news for this?
I have an infuse 5 pro (ios / atv4) and dont see any possibility to disable metatada fetching for specific folders (family video).

Try adding that specific folder as a favorite then set it to use local metadata.

Sorry, but I dont see such options for upnp favorite folders…

What happens when you long press on the favorite folder?

Just menu with: Rename, Select Artwork, Hide Favourite, Remove Favourite and Cancel.

Then you may want to try connecting via SMB instead of UPnP. I don’t remember if v6 added the ability to use local or if it’s due to the share being UPnP.