Turn off Automatic Scan

Please add a way to turn off automatic scanning, or at least give us a way to select what share to do the automatic scan.

I don’t usually have all my shared devices on, especially when I am watching series episodes. I have my movies on one device and series on another. When I watch series I don’t turn on the movies shares. If I make a change in my series share, say reload metadata or rename, all shares are automatically scanned and my movies library get 0 count for movies because those shares are off.

Turning the automatic scan off is a must for me. I always know what shares need to be scanned, that’s why I have Scan Frequency set to never. 

Can this be added in future updates?

I have an option under Media Player->Settings->Manage Library to set the scan frequency with one of the options being ‘never’    Does this not do what you have asked for?

I must admit that it would be nice to set the scan frequency at the share level - I would definitely find that useful.

Thanks for the reply.

No. That setting goes on at 3 in the morning weekly or daily (I have it set to never).

I am talking about the automatic scan that goes on every time you make a change on a movie (reload metadata, for instance).

No matter what share you edit an automatic scan is turned on for all existing shares. At least let the scan go only in the folder where the file is being edited.