On the whole I'm very happy with what atv flash does but I'd really like to get my vpn working! Since installing atv flash Tunnelblick has never worked - it simply just will not enable through the maintainance menu. I've searched everywhere for answers and remember seeing postings from others with the same problem but no solutions. I can use Tunnelblick on my mac so I'm sure the config file is ok. I've entered my user name and password by right clicking and have followed all instructions and reinstalled again and again but it simply will not switch to enabled or auto- start! Please if anyone has a solution let me know soon!

Hmm...I'd be much obliged if someone from firecore could take the time to reply afterall I am a paying customer and tunnelblick is a major part of what I spent $49.95 on. Again how do I enable tunnelblick? thanks in advance.

There is a different thread on this topic titled : Using VPN on AppleTV. Follow that and you may solve your problem. At least I did.