Tunnelblick setup

I’ve installed Tunnelblick on the ATV1 and I got the files (keys, cert and conf) copied into /Library/openvpn

I’ve setup the username and password as per the guide but everytime I enable or auto-start tunnelblick, the files disappear. Why is that ?


I’ve restarted from scratch and I still don’t get it



Greetings. I’m having the exact same problem.
I FTP the required files following the instructions as well as the rest of the set up.
I am using ishell on my iPad to watch files in the openvpn folder. (watch ls -l)
As soon as I click to enable Tunnelblick, all the fies disappear as wel. As well as a temp folder I had created in it.
I don’t understand how the app should be able modify my configuration in any way.
I did a chmod to make all files Read only and still they get zapped

I also did a chmod +t on the openvpn folder to no avail.
Note it seems to appear on the second click.

Was’ up with that?