Tunnelblick issue - files disappear from openvpn directory

The issue I have is that I cannot get Tunnelclick to work, it is constantly staying as Disabled.

I have read through the forums, I have copied the files from VPN-Secure to the openvpn directory (renaming the .ovpn file to .conf)

One thing I have noticed is the files keep disappearing from the openvpn directory on the ATV.

Has anyone else had this problem and can point in the direction of a solution.

Tunnelblick is working fine on my Mac (I have made sure that it is not running when trying to get it to run on the Mac)

Welcome to the Frustrated Tunnelblick Users Alliance.

Two things I found useful in getting Tunnelblick out of the disabled setting:

1. Delete your vpn service ID and Password info and enter it only after Tunnelblick is Enabled or on Auto-Start. May be coincidental but worked for me.

2. After clicking on "Disabled" quickly exit and reenter the set up page. Don't know why but this seems to make a difference. Must be voodoo.

It is normal for the files to be erased from the openvpn directory. They are copied to the Tunnelblick directory. Took me a long time to figure this out.

I am still having trouble making Tunnelblick active with Firefox and Boxee even when set to Auto Start. If you ultimately are successful I would appreciate hearing about it.