.ttml files for subtitles?


I have a movie in.mp4 format which is playing fine, but the subtitles in .ttml format are not displayed. Is this ttml format not supported, or how can I add them to be displayed when watching the movie?

Infuse 6 - An elegant video player | Firecore at the bottom is a list of supported file types for subtitles.

Have you tried doing the add subtitles by downloading from opensubtitles in the video pull down menu?

Yes I tried, but they did not work correctly.
I have that ttml file attached, can someone convert it into a supported type?

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Unfortunately, .ttml subtitles are not supported at this time.

Moving this over to suggestions for now.

Do you know if there do exist converters?

You might want to try a google search for “ttml converter” that may give you a starting point to find a converter. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I did try that before, but it did not work, maybe because of the apostrophe in the movie / subtitle file name “E Aí… Comeu”.
I renamed everything to “E Ai… Comeu” and it is working now after I used that converter to convert to .srt / .sub: Subtitle Converter | Free tool

BTW: I thought subtitles in the subdirectory “Subs” should also be recognized? Is that not working any longer, or was this never supported?