TS videos slow to initiate in XBMC

Streaming videos from my local NAS drive (via CAT5e) to ATV; video’s initiation takes 45 seconds+ to begin. As an experiment I converted a 2.4GB TS file into a large 2.2GB M4V file; the same video initiated in 2-3 seconds. Tried it again with a different movie (used similar file size) and got the same result.

Appears to be problem with TS video format, not my streaming setup. Does anyone have any suggestions other than converting my 500+ TS video collection to M4V. (VLC player?)

Noticed through previous forum posts that VLC player was an “extra” added to ATV Flash in August 09, however I do not have VLC as a listed extra in ATV Flash. Was VLC removed? If not how do I add it, where should it be at?


Reply from Fire Core, LLC (Regarding VLC)

“…VLC is not supported in the 3.0 and later AppleTV software which was released in October 2009. If you’re running an older version (2.x) of AppleTV the VLC will appear as an option to install.”

Anyone streaming TS files to XBMC on their ATV Flash with a QUICK upload response? (Still taking 45 seconds +)

If so what’s the solution?