.TS files stop working on Apple TV after the last update

.TS files stop working on Apple TV after the last update.
Just black screen and loading wheel.

What’s the problem?

Is this all your .ts files or just a few?

Any chance you’d be able to send in a sample we could review here?

In my case TS works, but very bad.
Example Dropbox - File Deleted

These files are too large, so it’ll be difficult to upload.

Testing this problem now I can add that not all .TS files don’t work, but some of them.
May be problem is in exact .TS files, but they don’t work quite randomly from different sources, and that’s weird.

Are these interlaced 1080 files by chance?

If so, it’s likely you are running up against the performance limits of the Apple TV, as interlaced videos require a bit more power to decode than progressive videos.

All files are 1080i and some of them do work, some do not.

It could be related to variable bitrates, or other factors. 1080p/i files are rarely ever created equal. :confused:

However, if the same videos played ok in 5.2 then there may be something we need to look into.

I have 10 episodes of some series in .TS format.
I started to watch it at previous version of app, and after an update all episodes are unable to open.
Thanks for your replies, anyway.

hello, so what s the solution for this problem?
all the .ts files worked 100% in the previous version… (and still working e.g. on VLC and other apps)…
do you fix this? if not — tell me, how can i downgrade???

(i uploaded a video to the database, but don t know how to link it here… hope you find it…)

I have ATV4 with two options of Infuse Pro installed. .ts file work fine on v4.3.6 , but 5.3.1 doesn’t work at all. So I am using old version to watch .ts files and wait until error will be fixed.

Old iPhone 6 with Infuse Pro v5.3.1 can play .TS files.But ATV4 cannot play with same version of Infuse Pro. They both have same A8 processor.

I see your video, but would you be able to upload one of the problematic files themselves so we can try and replicate the issuer here? That would be the quickest way for us to track down what is going on.


Thanks. Does that sample exhibit the same issue for you?

A quick test here and it seems to play just fine.

yes, it also not working… that’s the problem: it looks allright, BUT it does not playing…(only tvOS ) on ipad NO problems with same files (on the newest version)…
can you please link an older version (e.g. 5.2.1)???

I’m adding a reply I posted elsewhere on the board into this thread:

Any update on this - .ts file recordings (recorded with DVBLink) continue to be unwatchable in the current version.

The same files play back fine in MrMC and DVBlink Theatre on the Apple TV 4 and also just fine in the iOS version of Infuse on my iPhone 6S.

I have also discovered the files all playback fine in version 4 of Infuse on my Apple TV!


any changes???

We’re looking into this. Stay tuned.

Update! We’ve tracked down and resolved this for 5.4.1 which we’re planning to have out next week.

5.4.1 was just released, and should resolve this issue once and for all.

Thanks for your patience.