.ts files! PLEASE HELP! Thank you


I spoke with someone on here last week who assured me it plays .ts files. Having downloaded a HD .ts file, which plays fine on outside media players like VLC, I put it across to the box and cannot get it to work, it doesn’t recognise the format. I don’t want to have to get a refund as it seems a groovy bit of kit. But if it can’t play the files I want it to play, its sorta redundant to me.

I really hope someone can shed some light on this?

Thanks so much

Where have you tried playing the files in? It’s possible you need to change the settings in NitoTV to use QuickTime instead of MPlayer, or in mixed mode. Also have you already ran the Smart Installer and installed thinks like QuickTime and Flip4Mac on the Apple TV?

Now, I don’t know if I have already ran the Smart Installer? I thought that was part of the process? As for the Quicktime or mixed, neither seems to work. So I have no idea what I may need to do next.

How can I check if I’ve already run the smart installer and have these programmes? Or where do I access them from. I think I re-installed Firefox yesterday - but don’t know where to find it!

Thanks for your help


If you have done this already then you have installed Smart Installer: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=NitoTV_Smart_Installer
If not then please follow the steps and see if that fixes the problems, be sure to reboot the Apple TV afterwards too.

Will try this tonight. Although, I think I may have already done it. Where do applications like Firefox show up when they in there? I can’t seem to find them?

I too am having the same issue with .ts files they will play fine on my mac but despite installing every possible plugin and add on to my apple tv the system does not recognise them and so can not play them back.
I did manage a very ugly work around though if it helps.
Make sure you have all plugins enabled including USB keyboard support, instructions can be found in the ATV pdf installation guide and the wiki
Connect to you apple tv using an FTP program (cyberduck, transmit etc) and copy VLC (download a copy if you dont have one) from your applications folder on your mac to the applications folder on your ATV.
now go to Nitotv in the ATV menu > applications >vlc.app
now plugin your Keyboard and mouse to the back of the ATV and browse to the file you want to watch and voila it will play.
A quick and awkward way in I know but at least it works.
I don’t recommend using TS files, normally I convert to mp4 but sometimes they just will not transcode with the audio in sync no matter what I do or use, I think it has to do with the quality of the broadcast signal when it is recording to my DVR.