.TS file with DV Playback problem

I have a question regarding .TS file with DV playback using Infuse. Honestly I do not use my ATV4K that much. My LG B7 has most of the apps that I use regularly. I decided to fire up the ATV4K and get it updated

I read about the latest updates for the ATV4K and Infuse 6 (I own lifetime PRO). I updated the ATV4K and found that Infuse had already been updated to version 6. I went through my settings on the ATV4K did the DV authorization process successfully and reset video settings to 4K SDR and match frame and dynamic range to on.

After the discussion of DV issues over on AVS I decided to try it out. I used a couple .TS files from LG demo clips. But the would not play correctly. All I get is a blank black screen for video, but sound plays fine.

Now these files play fine on both the LG 65B7 TV (USB drive with internal media player) and through my Oppo 203 over the network.

Does the ATV4K using Infuse have known limitations playing .TS (HEVC/H265) DV files? Or do I need to do some more troubleshooting with my configuration?

Being curious about DV in general with the new configuration, I found a Netflix movie with DV. I played it using the Netflix app on the ATV4K It did play fine and I got the DV badge on playback. So DV is not entirely broken with the latest firmware for me.

BTW, this is with the ATV4K connected to a Denon X6400H and from there out to the LG.

I asked the same question over on the AVS ATV4K thread… They told me that Infuse cannot play Dolby Vision movies. That answers my question if it is true.

Dolby Vision is not supported in Infuse at this time.

Really, the only useful option for Dolby Vision would be support for dual-layer files which, unfortunately the Apple TV does not support at all. We may look at adding support for single-layer DV files in the future, but theses are typically limited to demo/sample files, so there isn’t a lot of value to be gained there.

Sorry. :frowning:

Well that confirms it. The .TS file was an LG demo clip for DV. Single layer.
This is OK, as mentioned I have several other options for playing this type of file.
Thanks for the response James!
The only unfortunate thing is not your fault. I just wish I could find one device that did everything that I want from it. At this point I have Android, LG WebOS, Roku, Fire, and Apple devices. None of them have coverage of all of the various codecs, formats, and applications that I would like to use.

We have added Dolby Vision support for the upcoming 6.1.4 release.

If you’re interested in trying a beta early, please let me know.

Today’s 6.1.4 update adds support for single-layer Dolby Vision.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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