.ts file not playing

I’ve just been getting to grips with my new ATV and installed aTV Flash only a few days ago and it’s doing everything I needed it for, avi, mkv, Video_TS folders etc.

My problem is I have another file, a single .ts file that is 9.84 Gb which I had been playing through VLC. When I try to play it through ATV I get a warning saying it ‘may be choppy’ then when i still try to play it just stops and says ‘Memory Warning’.

Is the file just too big to play through ATV? It was recorded from HD TV and is 1080 h264 (whatever that means).



If it is a 1080p file, then the ATV2 is likely to struggle with it as that is higher resolution than it can display natively (720p being the maximum), and the processor lacks the power to do on-the-fly transcoding well.

Fair enough. I only have one of these files so I’ll connect up the MacBook when I want to give it a go.


HD resolution .ts and .m2ts files require special handling which we’re currently working to add.

These should play much better in the next version.


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