.TS file (mpeg2video) stutters after ~1 minute :/

I recorded an OTA HD stream using my HDHomerun (recorded in mpeg2video, .ts format)… it plays fine in Infuse for about a minute and then the video stutters for a second or two and the audio becomes out of sync. A quick push on the ATV’s “fast forward” button re-syncs the video/audio.

In my case I’m loading up the share via SMB. Thoughts? Confused.

Does it pay properly in other apps like VLC? You could test on your PC. It could be something with the steam itself since it’s OTA. I haven’t seen this with my OTA recordings but I use Channels for my HDHomeRun viewing and only occasionally use Infuse just to test some things.

The same thing happens on Infuse for iPhone/mobile, AND also VLC for iPhone :frowning:

Same issue, sync becomes off but if you nudge the timeline in any direction it becomes in sync again, until it doesn’t again :expressionless:

The upcoming 5.6.9 update will include a handful or playback related improvements, one of which is better handling of videos with inconsistent timestamps which may help in your case.

Also, are you playing these on an ATV4 or ATV 4K? In general, the ATV 4K will do much better with 1080 interlaced content, if that is what these are.

If you’re able to send in a sample we can take a deeper look.

Thanks for for the response James! I’m uploading 3 files:

channel4_syncNOTOK.ts = this one is gigantic, sorry, but it will definitely cause occasional stutter, couldn’t find an app that’ll trim .ts files effectively

channel4_syncOK.ts = same channel as the one above, but it doesn’t cause the sync issue

channel5_syncOK.ts = different channel, doesn’t cause sync issue

Hope that helps! Fingers crossed :stuck_out_tongue:

These were all tested (same results) on an ATV4 (not 4K model) and iPhone X using both Infuse and VLC.

Just updated to today’s 5.6.9 update on iOS, unfortunately the video will still become out of sync eventually (about 1-2 minutes after playback starts, from anywhere in the timeline). It should exhibit this in the 7GB file I uploaded :slight_smile:

Got your files, thanks!

We’ll take a look and see if we can sort out what’s going on here.

Quick update.

We’re working on a few major changes which will allow us to handle videos with inconsistent audio timestamps (IE edited out commercials) much better.

These changes should be available soon in the upcoming 5.8.2 build.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

We have a number of improvements aimed at addressing cases like this which are currently in beta testing for the 5.8.4 update.

If you are interested in trying out the beta before the public release please let me know.

Infuse 5.8.4 with a number of improvements for DVR recordings and other files with inconsistent audio timestamps is now available.

Let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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