Trying to watch ripped DVD files over a network...

New ATV and ATV FLASH user.
I have some ripped DVD’s on an external drive connected to my iMac. I am trying to “stream” these to my TV via my AppleTV running the latest update and latest ATV Flash files. I have the iMac and the external drive setup as Shared. Not quite sure what to do from here. Thanks in advance for the help.

Guide can be found right here:

Beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Another note, DVD files are best streamed over a wired ethernet network.

I have everything set up correctly on the Mac end (I know because I can get some movies to stream via Boxee). It is the nitoTV end that I seem to be having problems. I would just stick with Boxee, but not all movies seem to be working and not all are showing up. Boxee, at least for me, was a lot easier to set up. I am not sure which setting I do not have correctly in nitoTV…and advice?