Trying to install, nothing happens - Help!

So this is what I’ve done so far… many times:
Purchased and downloaded the aTV program
Downloaded the OSboot program.
Ran the OSboot program.
Inserted the flash drive into my Mac Mini running OS 10.5.5; also tried same on G4 iBook running Tiger.
Ran the aTV program. Let it finish.
Removed the flash drive.
Turned off the AppleTV. (Tried powering down, unplugging the cable to the TV etc).
Inserted the flash drive
Turned on the AppleTV
Watched the AppleTV boot normally as if the flash drive wasn’t there.
Held down menu-volumedown and restarted the AppleTV.
Watched the AppleTV boot normally as if the flash drive wasn’t there.

I’ve tried everything I can think of, including doing a factory reset and reinstalling the updated software, same thing. I’m using AppleTV 2.2, and aTV 3.3.3. I purchased and tried using the DataTraveler 1GB which is reported in the forum to be one that works, as well as a MiniCruzer 1GB, and even tried my compact flash card from my camera inserted into a flash card reader. It’s as if the flash drives aren’t there at all. No aTV logo, no scrolling text, no installation. This is really frustrating. Any suggestions?? :frowning:


Try to inactivate the antivirus. It worked for me =)

Hmm, I don’t have any antivirus installed on my Mac, & I’ve never heard of one on the AppleTV. Which program are you referring to? I’ll try anything.

Are you running the installer directly from the downloaded disk image, or have you copied it to your computer first? It must run directly from the disk image.

Are you running the installer directly from the downloaded disk image, or have you copied it to your computer first? It must run directly from the disk image.[/quote]

Yes, I’m running it from the disk image as instructed. Last night I left the AppleTV unplugged and disconnected from the TV and this morning tried again: inserted the flash drive, plugged everything back in, and waited. The Apple logo came on and stayed for a while as the yellow light blinked, then the restart menu came up. I clicked “restart” and the AppleTV started up as normal, with no attention paid to the flash drive. Frustrating…

I’ve tried installing again with the latest update of aTV (3.3.4) and still nothing. Also just read a review of success using the other flash drive I’ve been using:

3.2 worked great! had to use it with a “Sandisk 1GB cruzer micro” flash drive. very happy.

Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!]

So I feel that going out to buy yet another flash drive may not solve this. After unplugging the AppleTV, inserting the flash drive, and plugging it back in, I get the screensaver. Rebooting just boots back into the original menu, no change, no installation. I happen to be off work today but it’s really taking hours to try and get this to work. If anyone has an idea of the next steps I might try I’d really appreciate it.


I posted this in another thread.

Try this, some people have had this problem.

Without any flash drives plugged in go to the Go menu option in Finder and choose Go To Folder…

Type in /Volumes/

You should see your hard drive and any other USB or FireWire drives that are connected. Are there any other folders there that shouldn’t be? I’ve heard that some people had a volume called Patchstick. If you do have a folder called Patchstick so something close to that, put it in the Trash. After putting it in the Trash then plug in a USB stick, format it, and retry the aTV Flash application. aTV relies on the fact that the USB drive is named a speciifc name and if that “Volume” name is already taken, OS X will add a “1” to the end of the USB stick when it is reformatted. Let me know if that is in fact the problem.

I did find a folder called Patchstick, which I trashed, and retried the aTV application. It looked like it would work: though the aTV app didn’t start immediately, upon restarting I saw the aTV logo and the scrolling text. Unfortunately, I started to see things like “patchstick failed” and when it got to the bottom of the screen it kind of froze there without installing. So it’s definitely an improvement but still no success. I’m posting a screenshot of most of the TV text to see if that helps.


I get the same error what solved this?



I just bought 3.3.4, did everything by the book, get to the install onto Apple TV, I get left hand text scrolling but stops and do not get installation complete message. What to do? Thanks

I get this same message (looks very similar to the image posted above, if not exactly the same). Installing on a 256MB flash drive; ATV connected via wireless network (not ethernet).

Wondering if this an error related to the flash drive? Or to another aspect of installation?

It’s the flash drive for sure. Weird that it is but after installing on various drives, I finally found a drive that worked. Strange too because one wonders how the drive can make a difference. I found if I stayed away from SanDisk brands, most should work. Also be sure to use lower capacity drives, ie, I tried to use an 8GB drive (just because I had an extra) and “no dice”. So just keep on trying. I suggest searching the forums for those brands that for sure work. Hope this helps.

The fourth flash drive did the job for my.