Trying to get composite video to work (NTSC)

I have tried all the steps outlined in the knowledgebase but I still get a distorted picture.


When I try to change the resolution of the aTV I do not get an option for 480i, I do get one for 480p.


Did I miss a step?


If anyone has any suggestions, I will try them. Is there a way to change to 480i via SSH?

Posted same question at “4:3 aspect ratio on SD 480i (853x480 or 1024x768) permanently?

Haven’t figured anything out yet.

The cable trick at “Setting up an Apple TV with a Standard Def TV” works fine to set a 4:3 aspect ratio, but if the Apple TV is ever restarted it goes back to the screen where you have to select a 16:9 display resolution.