Trying to "Enjoy DVDs the Simple Way"

I’m not sure whether I’m missing something obvious, or there’s a lack of documentation, or something just isn’t working, but I can’t “Enjoy DVDs the Simple Way”. I’ve ripped a few DVDs - they’re sitting on my shared drive with the rest of my media and other video files. They are visible on the ATV, but when I select them, the “Loading” message comes up for maybe 2 or 3 seconds, and then it goes to a black screen.

Where it stays forever. No combination of remote button presses works, I have to yank the power cord from the ATV and restart it to get control back.

I’m assuming from everything I’ve read that I don’t have to do anything once I’ve ripped a DVD - just having it sitting there is enough? Don’t have to compress it down or change format or tinker with it in any other way?

Everything else works, I’m connected via Ethernet, and my files are stored on an external FW800 drive off my iMac.

I’m baffled.

Thanks for any suggestions.



Hi EEp,


i had the same when I installed ATV flash tonight for the first time. I decided then to uninstall everything, so I connected my ATV to iTunes and jailbroke it again when I saw that a new version was out. I decided to give it a try and it works for me now. DVDs are played and ISOs as well.