Trying to Connect Apple TV to my iMAC

I have an external drive connected to my iMAC.

Can I connect the Apple TV to it? Can I just “connect” my IMAC to the Apple TV?

I have some files in my Movies directory. I’ve tried to follow the online instructions but they “appear” to be written by someone, and for someone, that already knows how to do it! They breeze through the [User Name], [Volume Path] and [Network Address] prompts without explanation and their examples are of little use.

Mu User Name is “Dad”, the iMAC is MCDesktop and the directory that I’d like to start streaming is my “Movies” directory (under user ‘Dad’).

I’ve tried to install with the Network Address of MCDesktop and the User=Dad and the path as Movies but I get an error message saying unable to afp mount.

Any suggestions???