Trying to add a network drive

I have a USB hd with all my movies hooked up to my main pc. IP is and the drive is labelled Movies. So to get to it I go to \\Movies. I am unable to mount this. I have tried many combinations. I think it has something to do with the user name and password. Please help.

I get the following:

mount_smbfs: tree connect phase failed:
syserr = Permission denied

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP WITH THIS??? I have also contacted you guys via email and haven’t recieved a reply. I also called your number with no success!

That error seems to indicate an invalid username/password is being entered. I would recommend checking the entered username/password and ensuring ‘Use Authentication’ is set to yes.

I have checked this and I am not sure what the username and password are?

I am using vista and sharing like I normally share to only computers. I am able to see the share on my other computer just fine. On the Apple Device does it require some special username and password?

my computer name is MainPC, currently I do not use a password to log in. So I entered MainPC and nothing as the password and still have this same issue. I am willing to create a new username and password on the share but I do not know how to do this considering it is a eSata hooked up to my pc and not a NAS drive.

Unfortunately you will need both a username and password setup on the PC to stream from it.

Once that is done you will want to share the drive and give it a ‘Share Name’ as described here:

The ‘Share Name’ entered on the computer will be name of the ‘Volume Path’ entered on the AppleTV.

I will attempt this using a username and password and see what happens. I am unable to use guest?
Using Vista remember. Do I enter the username exactly as it is when I login. so MainPC? I am using the IP address of the PC for my hostname. So I am using Then I use Movies for the volume path.

To access the share I go to \\Movies on my laptop PC. I usually do not require a password or username to access it from my XP laptop. Thank you.

That did the job thank you!

Great! :slight_smile: