Trying again: VIDEO_TS files not playing (v2.3, ntv 0.6.3)

I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go in terms of playing my VIDEO_TS files from Apple TV.

Since upgrading to ATV Flash 3.4.3, files will either:

  1. Play only the first chapter, then go back to the ATV menu, OR
  2. Only play audio, with black.

There’s no apparent pattern here, but in no cases am I able to get to the DVD Menu to navigate to other parts of the DVD. Is there a better way to get support than this?

I’m running AppleTV 2.3, for which the new version of ATV Flas was supposed to be working. Anyone have any idea what is going on?


What video resolution are you running at? Do you use HDMI or component cables for hookup? Read my post in this forum on this subject "Success! Playback Video_TS folders from USB/NITOTV "

I read your post and had the same bad results in both 1080i and 720p (except the image was stretched in 720p…when there was one). Using component cables as that is what worked in earlier versions, and I’m using the only HDMI input on my set for the DVR…


The best option for DVD playback is to run the Smart Installer and change the Playback Mode in nitoTV > Settings to Quicktime.

This will give a much more robust DVD playback experience.