Try to play 4K file?

Hi Guys,

I’m unable to play some 4K Demo material on my Apple TV 4K with Infuse, so i was thinking, maybe someone can try the same file to discover if it is the file that is corrupted somehow (i have more files that don’t play) or that i have network issues at home.

This is the file that i’m trying to play :

4K 10-bit HDR. Should work, but doesn’t. Can someone else try it and let me know if it is working?


Hi Dennis.
Same results on my Apple TV 4K.

It is a muxing issue.
After remuxing to mkv using MKVToolnix, it works OK.

Here is the remuxed file: Dropbox - Error

You might want to drop a mail to firecore’s support if you want them to have a look at the issue.

I’m glad it’s not a network issue at my place then. Let’s hope they will be able to fix it!

Already sent them an e-mail a few days ago, but didn’t get any response until now :frowning: