Truly black theme for OLED TVs


Dark mode in Infuse is really nice (Suggestion: Infuse for OLED TVs - Album on Imgur).
However, it would be an interesting idea to utilize the true black offered by OLED TV screens and prepare a special theme. It could present a better contrast with truly black elements and eye-candy icons popping off the screen.

Please think about it!

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Not only Oled owners will profit for this, these days there are pretty good Led TV´s out there when it comes to black levels.

Of course, truly black may be appealing also for non-OLED TV owners ; )

would be great on OLED

This would be a great feature! I have both an OLED and QLED TV which I am sure both would take great advantage of this feature.

+1 Yes please!

Hi all,

Yes it will be great.

Is there anything new about it?

Another vote for this feature!




Great Idea!




Any news, James?

I’ll love it…please

  • 1 here. Cheap and easy theme.

+1 if at all possible

I’d like to see this as well. I noticed MrMC has a pure black theme.

Just got mine :grin: would love to see some pure blacks.