TrueHD Atmos is played as stereo with Atmos enabled in Apple TV settings

Hey all, I’m reporting an issue with Infuse that still exists.

Symptoms: Dolby TrueHD w Atmos tracks are played as stereo If Atmos is enabled in Apple TV system settings video and audio.

Resolution Disable Atmos in Apple TV system settings to have TrueHD / Atmos tracks play in surround in, Infuse.

Resolution #2 Select another audio track in Infuse settings for the file playing to get surround.

Movie Tested “Pixels” from Sony Pictures. Default track is DolbyTrueHD 7.1, have to select the standard DD 5.1 track to get surround, or disable Atmos in system settings to get the TrueHD track to play in surround.

Please look into this to see if there is a way that infuse can at least play the lossless surround without the above workarounds needed.


Setup details

43" 2016 Sony TV with HDR10/HLG
2021 4K Apple TV
Infuse (7.4.10)
Vizio M Series Sound bar that does DTS:X and Atmos, as well as all other lossless and compressed formats including multi channel PCM.
TVOS (16.3.2)

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