TrueHD AMBEO Soundbar

Hello All-

I am using the latest version of the AppleTV 4K. I wasn’t getting TrueHD on my AMBEO Soundbar with PLEX and I thought it might be a PLEX thing so I did some research and came across Infuse. It seems like a really great app.

I thought Infuse would be able to read the movies I’ve ripped from my Synology NAS and feed the AMBEO the TrueHD soundtrack but when I check the AMBEO app while watching a movie through Infuse all I’m getting is PCM.

When I watch Ted Lasso on the same AppleTV and check the AMBEO app it says the codec is “Dolby True HD Atmos” so I know the connections are right.

I rip all my movies myself using MakeMKV. My rips are ALL 1:1 rips - no compression no nothing, it’s the full movie, all soundtracks and subtitles.

Can someone please tell me why Infuse is passing PCM instead of the TrueHD? I have directed Infuse to read the movie directly from the Synology NAS so there is nothing in between the movie and Infuse. Infuse is getting the actual file and still not passing TrueHD.

All help is greatly appreciated!!

Infuse is decoding the Atmos and passing on the PCM which is what your receiver would be doing but Infuse does it instead. There should be no difference between pass through and Infuse decoded PCM.

There’s a thread discussing this in great detail that may help explain but Apple disallowed the pass through of certain formats for apps like infuse but it’s still available for Apple apps.

Worth pointing out that Ted Lasso doesn’t have Dolby TrueHD Atmos. TrueHD is a lossless format that is only included in blu-ray discs. Ted Lasso would have lossy (Dolby Digital Plus) Atmos as it’s only streamed via TV+. The Sennheiser app is wrong or maybe you misinterpreted what you saw.

AppleTV doesn’t support bitstream of audio. All audio in infuse is decoded in the AppleTV and sent as raw multichannel PCM.