Troubleshooting slow network speeds

I apologize if this isn’t the appropriate place for this post but it’s tangentially related: I have an 80GB file and am running into some lag and don’t know if it’s:

  • my network wifi
  • AppleTV (2021 4K)
  • infuse 7.3.2
  • NAS

I’m comfortable eliminating the drive/NAS (Sinology) as a bottleneck because I have the same results when I use my laptop as an SMB with the same file.

Based on this thread and seeing people here streaming significantly larger files I’m fairly confident eliminating Infuse now too but would be curious to hear thoughts on how to best troubleshoot this?

Also, I have to say I’m a huge fan of Infuse! I recommended it to absolutely everybody and have convinced people to buy Apple TV’s just so they could use Infuse.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or guidance!

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Have you run a speed test on this file in Infuse?

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Interesting, I wasn’t aware of this utility. Are you able to provide a link or instructions on how I can begin?

Of note - between my first post and now I also tried the same file using my Sony TV (versus Apple TV) and used VLC and the file played as expected.

Edit: I found the option you referenced - I can’t recall seeing it previously.

I let it run for a few minutes:

File Size: 88.42 GiB
Bytes Read: NA
Progress: 2.15%
Average Speed: 61.30 Mbps
Current Speed: 63 Mbps 67Mbps 73Mbps (bounced a lot in these ranges)
Minimum Speed: 15.56 Mbps

Looks like a WiFi issue. You need to be min over 100Mbps for 4K. Best to hardwire it and test then if that proves better leave it hardwired or upgrade your WiFi.

My Apple TV 4k (not the newest one) is connected via 1Gbit LAN, just like my Synology NAS.
If you must use WiFi I suggest you to try out 5Ghz WiFi connection (instead of 2.4Ghz), because then you will get more bandwidth.

Revisiting this thread as today I identified the actual culprit: SMB

I originally made due with using smaller files but started to see issues with slightly larger files (~20GB) so I dove back into troubleshooting and saw multiple people commenting on performance improvements with WebDAV vs SMB.

For comparison, I did another speed test and the results are significant:

Protocol: WebDAV
File Size: 76.4GiB
Average Speed: 636.82 Mbps

Protocol: SMB
File Size: 76.4GiB
Average Speed: 119.53 Mbps

Note, this is still over Wifi.

Thanks again everyone for the original support and direction.


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