Troubleshoot -I have no collections?

Hi, hoping someone could help me in troubleshooting this -

  1. I installed infuse pro last night and connected it to my Plex server.
  2. All videos and metadata are populated… but none are grouped into collections.
  3. In settings, collections is turned on - as is “collect metadata.”

Does it simply take time for Infuse to populate the collections? Any thoughts?

Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, Collections are not currently available when streaming from Plex, but this is something we plan to add in an upcoming version.

Infuses Plex integration does not use collections yet, it’s on their roadmap for a future update.

Quick question, James…

Will the collection picture be pulled from Plex as well, that is the 4-up “Spotify-style” thumbnail, or will Infuse get it from the same source it does if no Plex account is connected?

Thank you in advance.

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