Trouble with video playback

Hi there,

Have looked and cant find anything specifically resolving my issue in the forum. Having problems with video playback through Media Player for some files and cant work out what the problem is. It often says “Playback error - An error occurred loading this content” when i try to play a file. Some avi files work, others don’t. For example, none of my videos taken with my camera play, but some TV shows do and they are all avi file. Also doesnt seem to play mpegs.


Am also having a problem which is bloody annoying which is when I actually buy a movie from iTunes I get an error message saying it cant load it. I generally have to reboot the atv a few time and eventually it works. Can this be fixed or do I need to reinstal everything?



I have same problem

none of my itunes purchased material will play - just says playback error - an error occurred loading this material


basically just going to get a refund because lets face it - it doesnt get any easier than playing itunes bought programs



I would not expect Media Player to play iTunes video as it will be DRM protected.

well thats stupid - I just wanted to use this to read from my NAS Directly without my PC on/ITunes on - which is one of the main features

they promote on their Sales Page.

but now your saying this is BS because their player won’t play ITunes material anyway … well I am definately getting my money back then - as that’s false advertising.



I’ve never seen any claim that Media player can lay iTunes media. In fact I have seen the exact opposite - Media Player can play formats from a NAS that are NOT supported by iTune such as .avi, .mkv and .iso formats.


just check out their main page.




I did. - I cannot see anything in the ATV Flash (Black) description which mentions playing iTunes media.

Any chance someone can help answer my original post? I am not asking anything about playing iTunes stuff. My issues are with video playback of some avi and mpeg files.

Also I now have another problem. Oftem when I start up the ATV the Movies and TV shows menus dont even exist. Whats that about?