Trouble with TV Series


Infuse has trouble to identify some of my TV Series:

19-2 (
A.D.: Rebellen und Märtyrer (
—A.D.- Rebellen und Märtyrer.S01E01.Das Grab ist offen.mkv
Navy CIS: L.A. (
—Navy CIS- L.A…S01E01.Operation Dakota.avi
Hawaii Five-0 (
—Hawaii Five-0.S01E01.Aloha, Steve McGarrett.avi
Ultimate Spider-Man (
L.A. Crash (
—L.A. Crash.S01E01.Kollisionen.avi
Sue Thomas: F.B.I. (
—Angela Henson - Das Auge des FBI.S01E01.Verschwunden.mp4
Stargate SG-1 (
—Stargate SG-1.S01E01-E02.Das Tor zum Universum.mp4
Marvel’s Luke Cage
—Marvel’s Luke Cage.S01E01.Moment der Wahrheit

it looks like that Infuse has challenges to identify TV Shows (and Movies as well) that contains a ’ or . or - in the name. But not constantly. E.g. the shows for 24-Legacy or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Criminal Minds Beyond Borders were correctly identified.

Thank for the feedback.

We have this on our radar to look into for an upcoming version. In general, Infuse does have trouble with some shows that contain a dash (-) or period (.) as part of the actual title. The way around this for now is to rename the videos so the dash/period is removed (E.G. ‘Hawaii Five0’ instead of ‘Hawaii Five-0’) or use the Edit option in Infuse to search for the title without the dash/period.

FYI, manual corrections made to single episode in Infuse will apply to all episodes in that season.

Hi James

Thanks for the reply. Thats worked - in fact, if I had correctly identified an episode the whole tv-show was corrected :-). i hope you can fix this in the next update.

Thanks James, I also had the Hawaii Five-0 blues! This got it recognized. Any idea when that fix will be ready? After all, we’re a few versions later by now…

It’s still on our radar to look into, though we need put some time in to come up with an elegant solution that doesn’t break the other existing logic.

+1 to a solution to Hawaii Five-0

Is this problem still not resolved ?
My whole collection of Hawaii Five-0 episodes doesn’t show in Infuse 6.
Thank you.

Have you tried to edit metadata for one of the episodes? That will usually fix the whole series.


Yes I did that and it worked pretty well.
I just wanted to know if the problem have been fixed.
Thank you.

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