Trouble with SSH

MindTerm allow me ssh1 access.

MindTerm home: /Users/lblodgett/.mindterm/
Current settings file: ‘/Users/lblodgett/.mindterm/’
Warning connecting using ssh1, consider upgrading server!
Connected to server running SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_4.5
Server’s hostkey (rsa1) fingerprint:
Host key not found in ‘/Users/lblodgett/.mindterm/known_hosts’
frontrow@’s password: ********
Last login: Tue Jun 24 04:15:35 2008
-bash-2.05b$ ls
Documents Library installed jaman-installer.txt
Jaman Movies installed.1

So in your second post are you saying you fixed it? It doesn’t look familiar to me…if you’re still having trouble try ssh -1 frontrow@appletv.local, or just ssh -1 in front of whatever your typing to log in. How bout using Fugu? Use ping appletv.local just to double check your IP address, might have changed since your last session.

You are right.

ssh -1 frontrow@appletv.local

this works just fine.
Thanks for your help.

What is this -1 argument??

It connects via SSH1 instead of SSH2 which is the default. The Apple TV only supports SSH1.

Newbie (but trying hard).

To get you an idea where I am at, I am now running remote keyboard/mouse, Firefox, one TB LaCie external HD through the AppleTV USB, no problem for FTPs, etc, etc.
One thing missing to my overall goal: How can I access the connected (to AppleTV) LaCie drive via my iMac using my WiFi network. This so I can drop files directly from my iMac to the attached HD instead of the AppleTV from the iMac desktop.

Trying everything, I am trying to use MacFuse/MacFusion. Worked for FTP but I can’t seem (the more isoteric aspect to me) to understand the following:
What server name should I use and what would be the server path to reach to reach the drive named LaCie? Which port to use? MacFusion suggest port 22…

Can you help? Many thanks.

Once you’ve enabled USB by following the guide at: you can transfer media to that drive via FTP. When connecting via Cyberduck you will see an ‘alias’ link to your external drive name. Double click on that, and you can browse and transfer media back and forth.

Doh! Was right in my face all this time. I had everything done right. I even already had a bookmark in Cyberduck to get me to the folder “Document”, just made a new one to the HD. Now using this with my iPhone: using app VNC and app Files to transfer movies to it from the comfort of my couch. Many many thanks.