Trouble updating software

Hey I recently bought a black Apple TV 2 already jail broken

I added salts on it myself

But I can’t get AirPlay video to work only sound
So I’m trying to update the Apple TV software but I can’t. It keeps saying unsuccessful

In another thread I saw u have to pm to a system reset on the appletv?

Will this lose all of my content. And will I have to jailbreak it again ? Cuz I don’t really know what I’m dn and would rather not …

Thx for any advice

There is an issue in that AirPlay of video from iOS 9 devices is not compatible with all versions of ATV2 firmware except the latest (6.1.3). Your jailbroken ATV is probably on 5.3 firmware. There is a beta of a 6.1.3 jailbreak but it is tethered jailbreak and can only be run from a Mac at the moment. Note also that updating the firmware on a jailbroken system wipes all existing content during the process.

Thx for the info I guess I’m out of luck for AirPlay . It’s ok I added the YouTube app