Trouble playing 4k content on Apple TV (buffering issues)

I have a sample mkv file (330 mb / 2880x2160p at 23.976fps / HDR / TrueHD 5.1). The file buffers for awhile before playing for 1 second until it starts buffering again. The file is 1min 30s long.


  • Apple TV 4K / LG OLED TV / ONKYO Receiver / Dolby Atmos speakers system / WD My Passport Wireless Pro (which acts a media server with Plex installed on it)
  • Infuse Pro
  • Plex
  • Running sample mkv file from my WD My Passport Wireless Pro which is on my local network via wifi


  • Other large 1080p files with DTS play smoothly via the same setup
  • The sample file has only the TrueHD 5.1 audio source and 1 subtitles source
  • I’v previously run NFS Manager on my MacBook and then streamed wirelessly through my local network to the Apple TV via Infuse Pro (no Plex at the time) and my sample mkv file played flawlessly
  • All my softwares / firmwares are up to date

Any suggestions?

Thank you!


UPDATE: I’ve changed my SMB setting from AUTO to LEGACY and that seemed to do the trick! I used the info found here to change the SMB: Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore

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