Trouble logging into Hulu

Does anyone knows how to login to hulu. Each time I login the user Id I give disappears but my password stays.

Any help would be great

this is one I’d like to know as well. I have the same problem, except that often, my password disappears as well. I tried some other sites, like logging into gmail and eBay, and there was no problem. It was only on the flash sites like hulu and that I experience this problem.

Any ideas from the aTV folks??

This is a known problem, and we are working with the developer on a fix.

awesome, thanks!

I just downloaded the latest version of aTV Flash and did all the installation for Flash and Quicktime, but I’m still having the problem of not being able to log into hulu. It accepts the password but not the username.

This being the PRIMARY reason I purchased your product, and often noted to be compatible with Hulu, I would hope this is just a glitch on my part.