Trouble installing NitoTV after 5.1 jailbreak.

After loading the jailbroken 5.1 software on the Atv2 and doing a tethered boot I follow the instructions here to install NitoTV. When I get to the final step (killall Lowtide) the command line tells me there is no such process running. Then when I manually restart the ATV I get the iTunes logo above the USB connector indicating that I need to do another tethered boot. I do another tethered boot. It restarts, same screen. Has anyone else run into this? Am I trying to install the wrong version of NitoTV for this latest jailbreak?

yea but the apple tv needs to restart and it cant do that i think… thats why your better off using atv black

Why wouldn’t it be able to restart? Also, if I’m not mistaken, NitoTV was in the list of compatible software for the latest jailbreak.

Ok so in iOS5 it is no longer called LowTide I believe. Also to complete the install you are required to reboot (same with XBMC) and you need to boot tethered afterwards.

Hmm, okay. I I’ll have to try that again then. After posting this yesterday I got XBMC installed and at some point while watching a video it crashed and restarted to the iTunes/USB screen again. Any idea why that may be? Also, any idea what Lowtide is called now?

Could you explain this in simple terms as i am having hell of a job to get nito working step step by step would be great

killall AppleTV

it will restart the appletv without pulling out cord and rebooting

Nothing happens ??? getting fed up 


Ah, thanks, that did the trick. I followed the normal install instructions for NitoTV, using “killall AppleTV” in the last step and it worked. NitoTV is installed, though I still have to do a tethered boot every time I restart it. Also NitoTV seems to no longer have the BTstack plugin. What gives?