trouble installing aTV Flash with new tethered jailbreak

I was able to jailbreak my apple tv 2 successfully using Seas0nPass.  I downloaded aTV Flash and it transferred the files.  Since the new jailbreak for iOS5.1 is tethered, it lost the jailbreak when aTV Flash restarted it.  

How do i get aTV Flash to work if it restarts the apple tv 2 which in turn loses the tethered jailbreak?

oops nevermind! didn’t realize that aTV Flash only does soft reset which preserves the tethered jailbreak

I jailbroke my apple tv using seas0npass but when I try to install aTV Flash on my apple tv 2, the jailbreak is gone after the reboot.

You said it was only a soft reboot but the jailbreak seems to be gone after trying to install aTV Flash.

What makes you think the jailbreak has gone?   Installing ATV Flash removes the Firecore logo if that is the change you are seeing.   However you should now have the FireCore maintenance app installed for installing and managing the FireCore apps.

Thanks itimpi, I just noticed that. Everything is working as it should.

Sorry for not looking closely…