Trouble installing atv black

I have successfully jailbroken the ATv2(firecore logo is on the settings app) but when i try to install atv through my macbook pro it says “Sorry no Apple tv devices could be found”. I can mirror my computer Youtube works and homesharing. I am at a loss here. My atv is useless without atv black.

did you solve this issue i have the same please help

same here , any answer so far ?

Same problem here. Can´t find the apple tv. Firecore - what is wrong ???

same problem here too.

maybe the update is too new and presents some bugs.
I didn’t update, is my first install, I bought it due to the youtube disappear on atv2.

hi, try this: install again the last seas0npass on your already jaibreaked Atv
I did it,
Everything work fine now