Trouble Fetching Metadata for Certain Titles

I have been having trouble fetching metadata for 2 types of titles: Titles with an (’) , and Titles with an (/). Here are 2 titles like that, which I need help with. Both titles are available on theMoviedb & theTVdb.

#1: John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show (as it appears in theTVdb)

I have the files named as:
John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show - sxxexx.ext

Infuse always fails to fetch the metadata for this. I always end up having to manually search for the metadata via Infuse everytime I move the file.

#2: 9/11: The Longest War (2016) (as it appears in theMoviedb)

I have the file named as:
911 - The Longest War (2016).ext

How are you supposed to name files that feature an ‘/’ in the title?


There is a known issue with TV shows that contain dashes/hyphens in the filename, and we’re currently thinking of ways to solve this. In the meantime, you can use the following name to get the correct metadata.

John Oliver’s New York StandUp Show S01E01.mkv (it works with or without the apostrophe).

With regard to the other title, it appears as though it is currently classified as a TV show on TMDb, and doesn’t appear to be listed on TheTVDb at all. While it does appear to be a TV show, it only currently has one episode which I believe should be considered a special.

Awesome #1. Solution works!!

#2 I figured its a made-for-TV Movie so I was naming it as a movie. I guess I will stick with the manual edit for now.


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