Trouble connecting over FTPES

I tried connecting using FTP from home and I see no problem navigating through the different folders.

The problem only appears when using FTPES from outside home (FTP connection not available when not connected to WiFi).

Hope it helps debugging.

Any news on this subject?
FTPES released on december has never worked on my side.

Same for me. FTPES doesn’t work with Freebox pop. Please please please

Hello to the Infuse team,
I would like to do a +1 to this issue.
I’ve encountered the same behavior with a freebox delta (french ISP box) regarding the box version.

  • Sometimes, the first navigation layer is displayed but it’s impossible to access any of the folder.
  • Most of the time, the issue is the same as previously described by @AlexR92.
    @james, is it possible, for end-user, to generate logs and post it here (on Mac, iOS, iPadOS or tvOS) ?
    Thanks in advance

@calrero and @james : I have already sent logs from the app twice (requested by support team) but never got any answer from them.

@james : this thread is actually refering to that one below:
FTPS/FTPES (SSL) Support - Suggestions - Firecore
which is marked as solved and released in version 7.4.9 BUT actually never worked.
Can you prioritize the development so that it actually works?

What type of device are you connecting to?

Does this work with another app (like Cyberduck)?

Can you replicate the issue and send in a report (and post the code here)?

Never used this stuff so apologies if this seems a dumb question…

Might this be an issue with share settings on the inaccessible folders? Do they need unique passwords or to be configured to allow access to third-party clients?

@james just tried connecting to the NAS diagnostics: TD3GB
The device is a box from an internet service provider which can also be used as a NAS. It’s called Freebox Delta (Server) but every freebox server runs under the same OS providing this functionality.
I tried using Wise-FTP which handles FTPES and it works perfectly using that desktop client.
Hope it helps.
Let me know if you need more information

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@james I see release 7.5.5 doesn’t even show root folder when trying to navigate using FTPES and application Home now shows an explicit error telling that indexation failed on FTPES sources.
Is FTPES in development to be available on the next release?

Hello :wave: Bonjour !

Has anyone managed to access the contents of their Freebox remotely (with or without FTPES)?
Est-ce que quelqu’un a réussi à avoir le contenu de sa Freebox à distance (grâce ou non au FTPES) ?

Merci :sparkles:

It’s not possible to connect from outside your home except using FTPES which does not seem to work on Infuse…
I don’t even see any plan to fix it in a future version:
Upcoming Features (updated 6/16/23) - Suggestions - Firecore
Support doesn’t respond me when I ask for an update on my case

Note this thread is tagged as “researching” so the developer is looking into it.
It’s not always easy to duplicate problems in order to troubleshoot things.

Still researching?

Hi, any news on this topic?
I’m in the same situation as others here: Freebox, no reliable connection over FTPES (usually I get access to the list of shares -not always-, then “an error occurred”).
Thanks in advance.

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I have been testing FTPES on several iOS clients and I figured out that in Freebox case we need to specify many options that are not available in the infuse’s FTPES configuration window

As you can see, I’m our case we need to specify transfer mode to passiv, utf8 as server’s characters and using tls 1.2. If one of those parameters are not set correctly we face navigation issues just like we do on infuse. I tested it on Owlfiles (an iOS app) and it works perfectly with this configuration.
Hope it helps


@james and @NC_Bullseye : any update on the suggestion?
Would it be possible to implement those options?

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Will be cool to implement these options :slight_smile:

Indeed it would.
As of now I’ve cancelled my subscription to Infuse as it’s of little use to me without support for the Free ftp server :slightly_frowning_face:

Please, this affects many users in France. FTPES would be the best way to access our library, we just need to have more parameters for this protocol.