Trouble Connecting On Mac With Yosemite

I had everything working perfect for years now and yesterday decided to upgrade my iMac to Yosemite.
Now my shares don’t work anymore and I can’t create a new one. It is like my ATV2 is blocked from accessing my iMac now.
Home Sharing in iTunes doesn’t work either so not sure if the issues are connected.
I have no firewall set and both are on the same network.
I have exhausted everything I can think of to resolve this.
Please help me.

Not sure what to tell you other than mine works on Yosemite…so it is possible.

I have the same problem. Any solutions?


I had all these issues and more while setting up my new Mac mini with Yosemite as my new media server. What resolved it for me was to reset my Apple TV back to default through iTunes. Then jailbreak with latest SeasonPass, and add then latest of ATVFlash. Basically made sure the networking was correct on the mac mini and then started from scratch on the AppleTV. Everything is working perfectly on my 2 2nd gen Appletv’s Now. Hope this helps someone.

Had the same problem. Worked fine prior to installing Yosemite on my macbook - and still worked ok until yesterday - not sure if it was a yosemite update but I could no longer connect to my AFP share on the macbook.

What appears to have happened is that my Computer Name/Server name changed for some unknown reason - a “2” was appended to the computer name - thereby causing a mismatch in the AFP connection details between the Server Name in the Infuse App > Settings > Shares area and Macbook > System Preferences > Sharing > Computer Name

Reconciling the above fixed the issue

How are you sharing the files from yosemite? i had it and stream with no issues to infuse. what i do is share out the folder with permission of read only to a guest account, this needs no user ID / password.