Trnsf content purch thru ATV FROM AppleTV to Computer


I just purchased aTVFlash - mainly for the purpose of the stated feature which allows you to transfer/exchange content with the AppleTV.

Maybe I misunderstood or I simply can’t find the feature - but I though I would be able to transfer content FROM my AppleTV to my Computer or iTUNES.

I currently use STREAMING as I’m connecting my single source iTunes Library to two AppleTV’s. I have too much digital content and its too large to store on AppleTV’s small 160GB Drive - my digital library is 250GB already.

My problem is that I have Ordered Content through iTunes via my AppleTV which now resides on both of my AppleTV’s and I though I could use your software to transfer that content to my computer so I could place it in iTunes permanently.

Is there a way to do this that I’m missing?

I’ve connected to the AppleTV using Cyberduck (ftp) however I don’t see any of the Purchased Content downloaded from the iTunes store directly to the Apple TV (nothing shows up - Music Video’s, Movies, or Music)??? Where is that content and is there anyway to get it to my computer so I can permanently add it to my iTunes Library.

I don’t wan to SYNC the AppleTV to my iTunes library - as the ATV will not hold all of my content. I guess I could setup a 3rd computer and have a blank itunes library and synch that with my appleTV - (if that would even work) but I would prefer just being able to grab the content and transfer it myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you



Part 1: So I found a way to do this, I had to connect from a WINDOWS FTP application and ensure the SFTP (secure) FTP was selected and then it allowed me to the MEDIA folder within the root directory and there was my purchased content - cool.

Part 2: So how do I connect to my 2nd AppleTV? In the aTVFlash video it shows via Cyberduck how to connect to your AppleTV - but what if you have 2 AppleTV’s, how are they designated so that you can specifically refer to each one, mount them and transfer content.


Strangely enough - using SFTP on the mac in cyberduck would not work…

I used the Mozilla FTP client (FileZilla) on Windows so I’ll try it on mac and see if allows me to see the Media folder

Ok - answered my question.

I just used the IP address of each AppleTV (for some reason I keep forgetting they are just scaled down Mac’s).

But it seems you do have to use FILEZILLA in order to see the root directory that contains the MEDIA folder.

So is this the ONLY way to do this, or am I missing something in the aTVFlash software?


You can connected via SFTP in Cyberduck to view the Media folder.