Trim Qnap NAS just for Infuse on ATV

Hi guys,
Excited to join the Infuse forum where I know (from reading posts) that good help isn’t far away.
I guess my thread title says it all really. I was looking at Qmedia on ATV. It’s free but maybe that’s all it has going for it. For that I would need VideoStation and some other stuff running, can’t remember but if I use Infuse, which I tested and like as it is similar to Kodi, I shouldn’t need a whole lot of apps and services running. Won’t even be online so looking to omit the Qnap malware app but not committed to that line yet but looking at Qsync too. I think it was the app that allowed Qlocker into the OS.
I really just want a simple list of stuff I really must have on the NAS, you know, zero bloatware.
I’m thinking that list would come in handy for others too, not just me and so it might already be here in the forum somewhere. Any help is greatly appreciated. I haven’t put disks in this NAS yet, they’re still coming.

Welcome to the forum!

You really don’t need anything extra running on a decent NAS. Infuse doesn’t require media server software, your NAS just has to be able to share files via a SMB or FTP connection. You don’t want to run a DLNA connection since that really limits the features in the Infuse library.

Wow, that was quick NC_Buillseye! Thanks. I assumed the Apple TV only worked with DLNA and WebDav is it, not Samba but I’m usually wrong (ask the wife). When I tested Infuse prior to even buying the NAS, I know I played around with SMB v1.0 settings in Windows using a mini PC so right, light goes on. SMB is preferred too, is that right? BTW, NAS is TS-431k, just powerful enough to push stuff to the ATV.
What should I see on the NAS browser GUI, any apps at all?

Leave the NAS as is. It’s not a PC so you can have a bunch of crap on it without affecting its performance (that’s the whole purpose of a NAS). I have a ton of crap running on mine and it’s more than capable of feeding 4 or more clients at a time.

If you run into any performance issues it’s less likely it’s the NAS and more the network it’s connected to.

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I read somewhere its best not to load up services that are unnecessary. I’ve been playing with the nas with a couple of temp disks but what I might do before putting the permanent ones in, is reset it completely to factory. I did go a bit crazy and downloaded a bucketload of apps, stuck em on a stick, took that to the shed and loaded a lot of them on, then I read it’s not such a good idea. So if your saying at initial power on, whatever is there, leave it there, add nothing then that makes it easy for me. Then I think I enable DLNA for the ATV. Not sure about SMB. I thought that was for accessing media/whatever on a PC or Mac. I’m not doing that but please tell me if I have that wrong.
JarvisMeier thank you. My post replies were a bit late today as I had an empty water tank float out of its hole due to a nearby leaky tank. Messy stuff. Wife not happy.
I always appreciate help from knowledgeable folk with tricky stuff like this. As one bloke said, NAS is a hobby all on its own. I’m feeling it.

LOL, nope, you don’t need DLNA or WebDAV. ATV and Infuse can handle the SMB or FTP just fine. I stuck with SMB since the start because it “just worked” for me.

I’d suggest the first thing you do is create a new user in the NAS that you’ll use for Infuse and to start with, give that user ID read only. That keeps you from clicking on the wrong button during the learning curve and deleting files on the NAS you didn’t mean to. :wink:

When you launch Infuse you should see the NAS listed under the available netowrk shares with an SMB indicator. Then just pick that one and log into it with your newly created read only user id.

As JarvisMeier said, a NAS is meant to have multiple balls in the air at once so you could try setting things up for Infuse with SMB before you defoliate your NAS of other apps to see if it’s really needed.

Edit to add: Also when you’re setting up your Infuse user ID on the NAS, make sure you give that ID access to ONLY the shared folder you’re going to keep your video files in. NOT the entire NAS. Again just to keep the training wheels on so you don’t nuke your NAS while playing with Infuse. Once you get comfortable with how they work together you can then go back and start changing permissions if you need to.

DLNA is a media application that in real basic terms is a media server that will gather some of the metadata and file info and present it. Think of Infuse as an Indy car compared to DLNA apps as matchbox cars.

Stick with the SMB to start and again if you grow to need more then there’s ways to grow.

Truer words have never been spoken! I’m relatively new to running a NAS and the learning curve is still pretty hilly. :wink:

NFS works just fine too :wink:

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Righto, I’ve done a copy&paste with all the good info you two blokes have supplied and put all of it in a Word document that I had started; I like to be prepared. Good to know SMB is the go. I used that on the mini PC which had 4x4tb disk connected and hard wired to the ATV running Infuse as a test. Yep, that’s a positive I think. I have enough to get myself into trouble now but as they say, you don’t know what you don’t know. So true and I’m about to find out. :thinking:

To help complete the picture of what I am doing buying a NAS, an Apple TV and 3x8Tb Red Plus disks it might be a good idea to know where I was at.
I was happy enough using a mini PC attached to a box of disks (not really a jbod as each disk is treated separately) as our media server, but with Netflix, Prime, Disney, Stan and Kayo (7 kids . . . and I like my footy) When I bought an Apple TV I realised it had now brought everything together under the one remote. All together except the media box. Hmm, how to fix that? We all want one remote to rule them all right? I started thinking how I could bring our media to the ATV so I looked deeper into what the ATV could do. Result,a 4 bay NAS, 3 biggish hard drives and some kinda learning curve. I can get some answers from the net, we all do that I guess, but some solutions just aren’t there. That’s where forums come into their own. With that fine-grained help I needed happily supplied by NC_Bullseye, Jervis Meier, and munpip214, I reckon it won’t be long before I have this setup ticking along nicely. I’m always optimistic . . . before I fall off a cliff :face_with_head_bandage:
Thanks to all and I hope my thread can help others.

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Don’t forget a good surge suppressor for the nas since it’s up and going 24/7/365. Enjoy the endeavor and keep us posted. :+1:

Just in case you didn’t run across them yet, there’s a ton of good info in the users guides here.

Or better yet get a battery backup power strip which will keep it running long enough to handle blips or time to shutdown

The problem with that NAS is the 1GB of ram. It’s not enough to run much more than a basic file server and that model is not upgradeable. I have 4GB in my NAS and use about 3GB of it. Good thing is that Infuse only needs a basic file server to operate. You’re really limited by the connection of your wifi. Ethernet solves that problem though. Your NAS should be able to handle several AppleTV’s running Infuse without issue. It’s plenty powerful enough to do it’s main job, which is store and serve up files.

I have a couple of UPS in the shed so I can easily go to that if I want. I’m hardwiring this setup.
Basic File server? Yep, will do the job I have in mind and yes, not much RAM to play with but I knew that going in. If more RAM and/or an upgrade path is required, both Qnap and Synology make you pay for what should be a cheap hardware upgrade. Going with an Intel can get more RAM, onboard transcoding, possibility of an HDMI port and M.2. SSD. With some research I realised I didn’t need to pay for features I don’t need. Don’t need transcoding ability (or at least I don’t think so) as the ATV/Infuse will do that but I mean I don’t need transcoding at all. I’m not doing 4k; don’t have any. If a bunch of movies are not 100% compatible audiowise I will make them so and happy to homogenise my movies. I’ve spent untold hours on this media.
We all know that time is a big investment getting this right but it’s free and worth the effort. We get it paid back in ease of use and user satisfaction.
Anyone reading this must not think I’m having a go at owners with the better NAS; I just can’t justify or afford a better NAS. I wanted a 4 bay for later expansion and the TS-413k in Oz was AU$430 on special & delivered. The HDDs are the big cost though. It wasn’t Reds I bought, it was Toshiba 8Tb N300s and 3 of them cost me AU$909, double the NAS co$t but all up over AU$1350. I’ve promised my wife a better experience and with just one remote and I better deliver!
I do have one interesting question though; If a NAS dies can the hard drives be dropped into a similar or same model NAS and they will all (with some fiddling I guess) work without having to delete and start again? I’m sure someone here has had that horrible situation where the drives are okay but the NAS has died. So the way I would see it work is the NAS is set up without disks to be just like the old one then the disks are added en masse. BUT all guesswork by me.

Got that sorted out; Qnap have a good section on just that subject.
2 disks arrived in a week - 3rd disk won’t be here for another 2 weeks!
Both sellers only allowed maximum of two per customer.
So 2 from US and 1 from UK.
Thanks to all here for the very friendly and informative replies to my post.
I know where to come if I get into trouble. Cheers guys!

Could you not get the drives in Aus mate?

Umart or MWave?

hi sladeoke,
Already checked Australian prices. I like to use Staticice for that and have done for more than 20 years. Then I do the rounds of all the usual suspects. Take Mwave for example. Toshiba N300 8Tb $419 then there’s postage. I got them for $301 & $304 post free 'cause I’m a Prime subber. I got the first 2 in a week. Aussie sellers don’t do any better and sometimes a lot worse. You guys would know that.
Other one you mentioned Umart, don’t carry or list the 8Tb Toshiba and their 6Tb is just $12 cheaper than the 8Tbs I bought, then there’s post on top of that. Our dollar is crap yet people can ship these across the Pacific and still be over $100 cheaper than the local sellers so either the locals are gouging us or more likely the OS sellers buy in bulk, and our locals don’t and tha’t being kind. eBay are just as exy.
From looking at several Aussie hits I got and their online sites I got the impression you can pay for an expensive disk and THEN they order it in. Some do not state it is in stock. Some accept Paypal Express checkout but still want to know all about you for seemingly no reason except maybe to try and lock you in or spam you with ads later. Way off topic but it’s about the hard drives that make up a NAS; can’t do it without 'em and where they are cheapest is important. Thanks for the interest sladeoke :grin:
When I’m in a mood I’ve had discussions with a few Aussie sellers whose ecommerce software is a throwback to the nineties. Just one lonesome thumbnail of expensive items, no shipping calculator or it’s hidden behind a customer registration wall, hardly any specs, crap like that. Not a fanboy of Aussie hole-in-the-wall sellers.
The Amazon disks came extremely well packaged as they should be. You guys would know having hard drives shipped by any carrier in Oz has its own perils. But all that aside, Amazon sell some things for sometimes way less so I always include it in my searches.
I bought a WD 2Tb Red back in 2020 from somewhere for $169. A 2Tb Red Plus can be bought for $158 today. That’s pretty good. Get the better CMR disks and cheaper. I’m confident that in 12-18mths I will get my 4th Toshy 8Tb and it will be a bit cheaper than now.

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Nice one mate, I didn’t check any pricing when I posted my Q, it was just a thought, you’ve explained it very well though.
I’ve not heard of Staticice, so will def take a look.

Reading through your post, you sound like you’re on top of things, so I doubt you’ll have an issues with your QNAP, it’s good device and sounds like the model you’ve purchased will suit your needs.
I run a QNAP and love playing around with it over many different scenarios, like VM etc. PiHole, photos, songs movies.

It works flawlessly with ATV and also wireless clients, like iPads etc, I think you will have a good time getting set.

You mentioned a bunch of kids, you can set access levels for them on the NAS and give them their own log in, so they can watch “kids” movies only and not AO or R ratings etc, though you need tp set that up on the NAS in folders, (you probably know this anyhow)

Have a good time and good luck making the wife happy, pretty sure you’re in a good place here.

Nice reply back at ya mate. I do really well . . . until I stuff up badly.
Now it’s a bunch of disks attached to a mini PC and only my wife or I power it up. With the nas it will be on and available to the kids just like Disney so yep, I will certainly set up those parental controls. Great tip there, thanks.

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Sounds like things are coming together for you but one thing, you do have parental controls in Infuse but if your NAS is doing parental controls via DLNA you’ll lose many of the great features of Infuse using DLNA. To get the full use of features you’ll want to stick with either SMB or FTP.

Good Luck! :wink: