Tried to create collection for childrens show, TMDB automatically added 500 to it have to manually delete

I’m not really sure how the infuse metadata handling could make my life any more horrible. You would think there would be a way to group movies without adding an entry to a DB that may or may not delete them if you don’t have enough information.

Sorry, it looks like it automatically attached 10,000 movies because of a bug. I don’t want to deal with any of this. I have already put many many hours trying to get infuse to play friendly with basic metadata like it was my full time job.

Just look at this beautiful collection. I have to remove every one of the 10,000 movies one by one because of the UI if I want to have a chance of adding correct movies.

Did you read their rules and instructions on adding data?

Also when creating a collection you need to follow their guidelines.

I think this is how empty collections appear there (weird I know).

Once you add one actual movie it should look normal.

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