Transmission on TV

Hello. I would like to ask a question. I use Infuse on my Mac, iPhone and iPad. I have a Samsung TV, and I normally stream the video directly from the app from one of these devices to the TV, since I don’t have an Apple TV. However, I have been having a problem. Some of them, which are located in the cloud (Onedrive), do not open on the TV. It appears that it is loading on a black screen, and then it goes off. Furthermore, even those that work, I need to click twice for it to work: on the first attempt, it only loads the audio (the film cover remains parked while the audio continues). This happens when streaming on any of the 3 devices. Could it be a bug, or is it something common even in this type of transmission?

I assume from your description you are using airplay to send from your apple device to the TV.

You should read this guide which describes some of the limitation and why some videos only airplay the audio: AirPlay Isn't Working – Firecore Support

@remotevisitor Thank you for the feedback. In this case, on an Apple TV this problem is solved, right?

You don’t airplay with the Apple TV, you run the Infuse app on it. If you try to airplay from your phone or tablet to the Apple TV you will have the same problems you are having now.